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第16卷 第2期
  • 16-2 編輯室報告
  • 內部行銷、教學信念與教學效能之研究 -教師專業發展之中介角色
    A Study of Internal Marketing, Teaching Belief, and Teaching Effectiveness - The Mediating Role of Professional Development
    黃靖文 張韶蘭* 康永昌
  • 桌上遊戲融入國小二年級「加減法」學習扶助教學之行動研究
    Action Research in the Application of Board Games in Remedial Instruction for Addition and Subtraction Curriculum of Second Graders in Elementary School
    翁鈺婷 詹惠雪*
  • 提升一般與閱讀困難中學生的學科學習:證據本位教學在普通課室之實踐
    Improving Content Area Acquisition of Middle School Students With and Without Reading Difficulties: Evidence-based Instruction Implemented in General Education Classrooms
    王宣惠* 洪儷瑜
  • 設計思考融入跨領域美感課程之研究
    A Study of Design Thinking into Cross-Disciplinary Aesthetic Curriculum