English 繁體中文
第14卷 第3期
  • 14-3 編輯室報告
  • A類
  • 我國中小學教師專業標準之研究
    The Professional Standards of Elementary and Secondary School Teachers in Taiwan
    林政逸 * 賴慧君
  • C類
  • 國小低年級教師轉化國語科讀寫教學之探究
    Exploring a Lower Grade Teacher’s Pedagogical Transformation of Reading and Writing
    左 榕 林意雪*
  • 應用MAPS教學法於科技大學「金融市場」課程及其對學生 學習成果影響之研究
    Applying MAPS Teaching Strategy to the Financial Market Course in University of Technology and the Influences of Student Learning Outcomes
  • D類
  • 偏鄉國中全英語教學對國中學生英語口說能力之影響
    Implementing English-Only Instruction to Promote the English Speaking Proficiency of Rural Junior High School Students