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第10卷 第2期
  • 10-2 編輯室報告
  • [主題論文] 閱讀素養與研究議題
  • 閱讀理解策略教學成效之行動研究:以國小中年級弱勢低閱讀能力學童為對象
    An Action Research on Instruction for Reading Comprehension of Middle Grade Underachievers in Elementary School
  • 促進國小教師摘要策略教學的專業發展
    Professional Development of Elementary School Teachers to Promote their Teaching of Summarization Strategy
  • 科學多重文本閱讀理解能力之評量發展暨性別差異研究—以核四廠續建與停建爭議題本為例
    A Study on the Development of Assessment Tool and Gender Differences in 5th -9th Graders’ Scientific Multi-Text Reading Comprehension: A Case Study on the Issue of Whether to Continue the Construction of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant
  • A類
  • 建構師資生閱讀理解策略課程模式:階段式學習責任移轉模式之應用
    Constructing a Curriculum Model for Pre-service Teachers’ Reading Comprehension Strategies: Application of a Staged Model Based on a Gradual Release of Responsibility
    張 純
  • B類
  • 教師信念、專業承諾與班級經營效能比較之研究—以國高中新手與資深教師為例
    Teacher’s Belief, Professional Commitment and Classroom Management Effectiveness: A Comparison of Novice and Senior Teachers in Junior and Senior High Schools in Taiwan
  • 教師專業學習社群知識分享、創意教學與社群召集人轉型領導關係之研究
    A Study on the Relationships among Teacher’s Knowledge Sharing in a Professional Learning Community, Teachers’ Creative Teaching, and the Transformational Leadership of the Community Coordinator